Asia Pacific
Middle East
Global Council
  • Canon Barry Naylor (UK) – Chairperson
  • Jackie Hung (Hong Kong) – Vice Chairperson
  • Peter Murphy (Australia) – General Secretary
  • Bern Jagunos (Canada) – Deputy Secretary
  • Archbishop Joris Vercammen (Netherlands) – Treasurer
  • Atty. Osamu Niikura (Japan)
  • Rev. Jeong Jin Woo (South Korea)
  • Samuel Villatoro (Guatemala)
  • Kelti Cameron (Canada)
  • Kathryn Poethig (USA)
  • Katrina Abarcar (USA)
  • Dr. Angie M. Gonzales

International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines. The ICHRP is a global network of organizations based outside of the Philippines, committed to campaigning for human rights and Filipino people's rights.